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Upcoming All-Star Games Posted

By SVLL 06/17/2018, 8:30am PDT

The 10s, 11s, and Majors all-star teams all play their first games on Saturday, June 23. Scores and next game details will continue to be added to the website calendar.

Our all-stars page ( has also been updated with all game scores and contains links to the CA District 39 Little League 2018 tournaments page and the initial tournament brackets. 

The SVLL 7-8 All-Stars, 8-9 All-Stars both lost their fourth games Saturday (June 16), for their second losses. Congratulations to both teams for a hard-fought postseason.

The Majors Giants won their first game, but due to injuries can't field nine players and have to forfeit their remaining games.

The AAA Padres have lost two games and are eliminated.

Congratulations to the Giants and Padres on a great season.

Little League International has written the following:

Until we receive your response, we are encouraging parents and coaches to contact manufacturers directly to verify if their players’ helmets will retain their NOCSAE certification, and, that they must produce that notice from you, the manufacturer, prior to use in any and all Little League-related activity. Without manufacturer- approval, Little League International will follow the advisement that “the addition of such products to a helmet previously certified as meeting the appropriate NOCSAE standard will make the certification voidable by the helmet manufacturer,” and helmets with a face protector will not be permitted for Little League-use. Little League International will encourage anyone wishing to have additional face protection to use a helmet with a full faceguard that is NOCSAE certified.

Click on the story subject for the full PDF document regarding face protectors like the c-flap, etc.

The Easton Ghost X 30/20 YBB18GX10 and LL18GHX 30/20 2 5/8” has been decertified by USA Baseball and is no longer an approved bat under the USABat Standard. This applies to the 30” (-10) length of the Ghost X YBB18GX10 and LL18GHX. All other certified lengths and drops of the Easton Ghost X USABat remain approved for play. A full list of approved bats can be found at

You can find more information from USA Baseball here:

If you purchased one of these bats, you can return it to Easton.  They will provide you a mailing label that you can use to return your bat. Upon receiving your bat, they will send you a $500 electronic voucher that you may use on  You may use this voucher to purchase another bat, or any other Easton products available at, with free shipping.  To return your bat and receive your voucher, please call Easton at 1-844-531-7079, or email them at

More information from Easton can be found here:


USSSA has completed a round of BPF testing at the USSSA approved lab. The 2018 DeMarini CF Zen CBZ 2 ¾” -10 model bat, 28”, 29” and 30” will be disallowed for play immediately. The 28” bat at has been placed on the USSSA Disallowed List. While the 29” and 30” bats have been provisionally placed to the USSSA Disallowed List, subject to further consideration. Based on this testing, the entire 2018 DeMarini CF Zen CBZ 2 ¾” -10 model bat is currently disallowed for USSSA Play.


We added this question and answer to our FAQ:

How do I turn off "Don't forget your upcoming events!" emails?
SportsEngine (who makes the software that runs our website) has added a new feature that sends notification emails for team practices and games. Unfortunately they have not (yet) given us the ability to turn them off by team or for all parents. Each parent or team manager must do this individually.

Update: SportsEngine has created a video explaining how to turn the notification emails off:

If this is not clear, contact SportsEngine for instructions on turning these emails off is via online chat. Go to their Contact Us page ( and click the START LIVE CHAT button.

As soon as anything changes we will post an update.


Spring 2018 Congratulations...

  • to the Majors Giants for their first place finish in the playoffs — they will represent SVLL in the Majors TOC 
  • to the AAA Padres for their first place finish in the playoffs — they will represent SVLL in the Minors TOC
  • to the AA Red Wings for their first place finish in the playoffs
  • to the Majors Cubs for their first place finish in the regular season
  • to the AAA Indians for their first place finish in the regular season
  • to the AA Whitecaps for their first place finish in the regular season

Scotts Valley Little League

The Scotts Valley Little League has been organizing Little League baseball teams in Scotts Valley, California for 55 years. See our Frequently Asked Questions page, our Information for Parents page, and the other information pages.

We're always eager to help new volunteers learn to help us. See our Contact Us page.

We are part of the CA District 39 Little League.

2017 Postseason Congratulations

The SVLL 9-10 All-Stars beat Aptos 6-4 on July 1 to win the District 39 championship! They came from behind (down 4-2) in the sixth inning with a two-out rally to tie the game and then won the game in the seventh with a dramatic walk-off home run.

The AAA Angels beat Live Oak 9-4 on June 14 to win the District 39 Minors ToC Championship!

The SVLL 8-9 All-Stars beat Santa Cruz National 3-2 on June 13 to win the District 39 Little League Championship!

New Age Determination Date

Here is a table of years and months of births and league ages for the 2018 season.

The age chart has been updated to reflect the league age for all Little League Baseball players based on the new league age determination date of August 31, 2018.

Little League Baseball players born between May 1 and August 31, 2005 will be grandfathered as league-age 12-year-olds for the 2018 season. More explanation of the history and adjustment of the League Age Determination Date is available on

For Scotts Valley Little League, these are the age ranges for each division for Fall Ball 2017 and Spring 2018:

  • T-Ball: players ages 5-7, born between 9/1/2010 and 8/31/2013
  • Single-A: players ages 6-8, born between 9/1/2009 and 8/31/2012
  • AA: players ages 7-10, born between 9/1/2007 and 8/31/2011
  • AAA: players ages 9-11, born between 9/1/2006 and 8/31/2009
  • Majors: players ages 11-12, born between 5/1/2005 and 8/31/2007