What ages is T-ball for?
See the LEAGUE AGE tab above for an explanation of league age. T-ball is for all players league age 5 and players league age 6 or 7 who are playing T-ball for the first time.

What is the age cut-off for T-ball?
Since players must be at least league age 5, for our Spring 2019 season players' birthdays must be between 9/1/2011 and 8/31/2014.

Why doesn't Scotts Valley Little League allow players league age 4 to register for T-ball?
While Little League International does allow players league age 4 to play T-ball, SVLL's coaches and board members agree that based on our experience, starting players at league age 5 in T-ball to prepare them for a league age 6 season in Single-A leads to the best outcomes, that is, players that love to play baseball and continue to play Little League through their league age 12 seasons.

Why can't 6 year-olds play in Single-A without a year in T-ball first?
This is Little League International's regulation III (c) and regulation I (a), note 3. See www.scottsvalleyll.org/rules for more details.

Why not make Single-A a LLI T-ball division?
LLI regulation I (a), note 3 restricts 8 year-olds from playing in their T-ball division. We feel it's important for some 8 year-olds (especially those playing Little League for their first time) to start in Single-A.

What do I need to buy for my first-time T-ball player?
Most players have their own gloves, but we do have loaner gloves that players can use during practices and games. The league also has helmets available for T-ball teams, but many parents prefer to buy their own. This year since Little League International is changing their bat standard, Scotts Valley Little League will require T-ball players use league-provided bats. The league provides hats and shirts for all players, and parents are requested to buy baseball pants, socks, a belt and cleats.

What color pants, socks, and belt should I buy?
Your team parent will contact you in regard to what pants, belt, and socks to purchase for your team.

What kind and size of glove should I buy?
It's not necessary to buy an expensive glove for T-ball. Comfort and ability to open and close are most important. We recommend going to a sporting goods store and trying several. (Play It Again sells used gloves, which are both less expensive and less stiff.) Size 10" to 10.5" is probably the neighborhood to look in depending on hand size. (T-ball players with small hands have been happy with that size.) Several parents have recommended the Mizuno Youth Prospect which comes broken in and ready to use. It's affordable and comes in sizes from 10" to 11.5". (And players are reported to continue using them for several years.)

When do I find out what team my player is on?
T-ball and Single-A teams are formed in February. We'll send an email out to everyone registered when teams are formed. You'll likely hear from your team manager before you receive our email, and you'll hear from your team parent soon after that.

When do practices begin?
Single-A and T-ball teams begin practicing shortly after teams are formed. Most teams have one weekday afternoon practice and one weekend practice. A team page will be created for each team, and will feature a calendar with practice times and games (once the regular season schedule is complete).

When do games begin?
The opening ceremonies for 2018 are planned for Saturday, March 3. Single-A games usually begin the following Saturday, and T-ball games the Saturday after that (two weeks from opening ceremonies).

When are the games?
Teams of all levels play two games per week: one weekday game and one Saturday game if there are an even number of teams. (If there are an odd number of teams, one team will play two weekday games, rotating through each team in turn.)

What time are games played?
Saturday games start as early as 9 in the morning and run over the course of the day. Weekday T-ball games usually start at 5:30pm.

How many games does each team play?
In 2017 each team played 14 games—two per week for seven weeks. 2018 will probably be the same.

Can I make requests for specific game or practice times?
We are unable to honor parent requests to schedule or exclude games or practices on/from specific times or days, though we do try to work with parents who volunteer to manage a team.

Do teams still practice once the games begin?
Some T-ball teams still practice once a week, and some don't feel the need to practice in addition to two games per week. That is up to each team's manager. With games taking up the fields on Saturdays, practices are scheduled for Sundays and on non-game days during the week, usually under a rotating schedule.

When is the regular season schedule posted?
Usually mid-February. Stay tuned to the ScottsValleyLittleLeague.org home page for news.