League Age

How do I find out what my player's league age is?
You can use the LittleLeague.org League Age Calculator. You can also use this table of years and months of births and league ages for the 2019 season. (For Fall Ball 2018 and Spring 2019, add one to the 2018 league age.) For more information, see NEW AGE DETERMINATION DATE below.

What are the age ranges for each division?
For Scotts Valley Little League, these are the age ranges for each division for Fall Ball 2018 and Spring 2019:

  • T-Ball: players league age 5-7, born between 9/1/2011 and 8/31/2014
  • Single-A: players league age 6-8, born between 9/1/2010 and 8/31/2013
  • AA: players league age 7-10, born between 9/1/2008 and 8/31/2012
  • AAA: players league age 9-11, born between 9/1/2007 and 8/31/2010
  • Majors: players ages 11-12, born between 9/1/2006 and 8/31/2008

Is my child old enough to play T-ball?
If your child turns 5 on or before August 31, 2019, she is old enough to play T-ball in our Spring 2019 season.

Why doesn't Scotts Valley Little League allow players league age 4 to register for T-ball?
While Little League International does allow players league age 4 to play T-ball, SVLL's coaches and board members agree that based on our experience, starting players at league age 5 in T-ball to prepare them for a league age 6 season in Single-A leads to the best outcomes, that is, players that love to play baseball and continue to play Little League through their league age 12 seasons.

Why can't 6 year-olds play in Single-A without a year in T-ball first?
This is Little League International's regulation III (c) and regulation I (a), note 3.

See the DIVISIONS tab above and www.scottsvalleyll.org/rules (scroll down to "AGE-RELATED RULES") for more information.