What is a game coordinator?

From Rule 9.03 (d): "If no adult umpire is available for a game, and non-adult umpires are used exclusively for that game, the local Little League must assign an adult as Game Coordinator, or the game cannot be played."

What are the responsibilities of the game coordinator?
From rule 9.03 (d):

  1. To be included in the pre-game meeting
  2. To remain at the game at all times, including between half-innings, in a position to see all actions on the field and in close proximity to the field
  3. To oversee the conduct of all players, managers, coaches and umpires in the game
  4. To have the authority to disqualify any player, coach, manager or substitute
  5.  To have the sole ability to judge as to whether and when play shall be suspended during a game because of inclement weather conditions or the unfit condition of the playing field

(See the PDF below for the exact wording of the rule.)

How is the game coordinator assigned?
The SVLL board assigns each Majors team manager a subset of the AAA games and each AAA manager a subset of the AA games. The manager can designate a game coordinator for each assigned game.

Who can be a game coordinator?
A game coordinator can be anyone who has submitted a volunteer form for the current season and who is not actively coaching in the game.

How do I find out who the game coordinator is for a game?

There is game coordinator item for each game in the calendar. (Turn on the Majors tag for AAA games, or turn on the AAA tag for AA games.)

Or it may be easier to look up the game coordinator using Dibs. Click on either AAA GAME COORDINATORS (for AA games) or MAJORS GAME COORDINATORS (for AAA games) and find the game in the list.

If the item is claimed by a volunteer, the volunteer's name and contact information will be displayed. Otherwise, use the manager's name and contact information, also displayed.

How do I volunteer as game coordinator?

To volunteer as game coordinator for a particular game, find the Dibs item using the instructions above, and click on Claim this Dib Item.